The Effects Of Anafranil SR (Clomipramine) For Fighting Depression

Depression at times might be hard to handle. There are instances that it cannot be managed using the natural methods, which is why people suffering from the condition seek for the right medicine. That being said, Anafranil SR (Clomipramine) is a good medication of choice for people suffering from depression. This particular drug is an anti-depressant that works by enhancing the specific chemicals found in the brain. These chemicals help to lessen the behaviors facilitating the obsessive-compulsive (OC) behaviors.


However, before taking Anafranil, it is important to go to the doctor to determine if this is ideal. There are considerations for patients whether they should take it or not. Included in the considerations to not take Anafranil is if you have any allergy to it. Also, if you have taken linezolid within the past two weeks, you must not take this certain medicine. Furthermore, do not take Anafranil if you have suffered from a recent episode of heart attack and is still recovering from it.

Indications To Use Anafranil For Treating Depression

It is important to use Anafranil only as directed by your doctor. You have to check the label of the medicine to know the right and proper dosage, along with the guidelines as to how you must take it. If you will take the medicine, make sure to take it orally. You must also take it with food to avoid any stomach upset. Take note that there are no immediate effects that are noticeable when taking Anafranil. The real effects will be noticed two to three weeks of taking the drug. Also, you have to stay on the treatment even if you feel a relief. Do not miss any dosages of this medicine.

Clomipramine3DanBSAnafranil may cause several side effects, therefore, you have to take it with utmost caution. Included in the symptoms that Anafranil might bring are dizziness, blurring of the vision and drowsiness. These adverse reactions could possibly be exacerbated if you will take Anafranil together with other medications or alcoholic drinks. If you will drive, do not take the medication. Do not engage in doing tasks that may be unsafe to you on the course of taking Anafranil.

Essential Information To Talk With The Physician

Taking Anafranil should not all be decided by yourself. If you have further questions, or if you want to seek clarifications before taking Anafranil, consult your doctor first. Any healthcare provider can help you get information about Anafranil and all the related factors about it. Take note that it has to be taken only by the person for whom it has been prescribed. Never get the idea to share it with others. Should any of the symptoms of depression did not get any better throughout the course of the treatment, check it with the physician.

Ideal Dosages Of Anafranil

Basically, 25mg of Anafranil is given to a patient, to be taken by mouth once per day. When it comes to maintenance dosage, the volume may be increased to 100mg each day for the initial two weeks of the treatment. It is important to also take note that Anafranil should be taken at 250mg per day as its maximum dosage. Anafranil can be taken by people with depression, panic disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). On the other hand, for patients with hepatic and renal illnesses, Anafranil should be taken with utmost precaution.

Anafranil must not be used by children of all ages. If in case this particular medicine has been prescribed to your kid, you have to be extra sure and talk with your doctor if this medication is ideal for child consumption. It is always to be safe than sorry, especially when dealing with medication involving depression.