Amazing Facts about Anafranil For OCD

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a mental disorder that causes one to have the urge to keep doing things repeatedly. Anafranil, an antidepressant is used to treat OCD among other diseases. It does this by escalating the activity of certain chemicals in the brain which bring down the tendencies of obsessive compulsive behavior.

As treatment for OCD, Anafranil should be used under clear directions from the doctor. The patient should ensure that they do not miss a dose and if they do, they should ensure that take it as soon as possible.

Anafranil is approved to be used even by children under 10 years old for treatment of OCD. This should be done though under a doctor’s instruction.

Obsessive-compulsive disorderThe effects of Anafranil as treatment for OCD take time to be felt. It may take about three weeks to a month for any improvements to be felt. The patient should ensure that they keep taking Anafranil until their doctor advises them to halt.

Patients are also advised to take Anafranil with food to reduce the chances of getting stomach upsets.

Side effects of Anafranil

As a treatment for OCD, Anafranil has well known side effects. Some are mild and some are very severe which if they occur, a doctor should be notified immediately.

Some of the mild side effects include: headache, dizziness, nausea, nightmare, vomiting, dry mouth, loss of appetite and even constipation.

Severe side effects of Anafranil include: confusion, lowered sex drive, irregular heartbeat, yellowing of the skin, swelling of testicles, mental and mood changes and even increase in depression tendencies that could lead to suicide.


When doctors prescribe Anafranil for OCD, they should ensure that they have all the information regarding their clients. This is because Anafranil may lead to harmful consequences when combined with other factors in a patient’s life.

When one is pregnant and lactating they should not be treated using Anafranil. This is because it distributes itself through breast milk and may be consumed by the lactating baby and it could lead to congenital defects to the unborn baby.

Anafranil should also not be combined with other drugs that also treat OCD.

When one is scheduled for surgery, they should ensure that they do not use Anafranil and also should inform their surgeon beforehand so that they can receive proper advice on how long they should stop using the drug before surgery.

Anyone recovering from a heart attack should not be treated with Anafranil for OCD.

When using Anafranil, alcohol should be completely avoided.


It is advised that Anafranil should be stored at room temperature away from moisture and heat.