Clomipramine For Dogs

Clomipramine is used in dogs for the treatment of problems like excessive barking, separation anxiety and uncontrollable behavior.

DOSAGE: Clomipramine should always be given after consulting the veterinarian. The normal canine dose of Clomipramine is 1 to 1.5 mg per pound twice daily and the normal feline dose of Clomipramine is 0.25 to 0.5 mg per pound once daily. If you have missed a dose of Clomipramine you should take it as soon as you remember. However, if it is already time for the next dose then skip the previous dose and get back on normal routine. But make sure in any case you should not double the dosing in any case.

clomipramine-for-dogsPRECAUTIONS: Dogs which are hypersensitive to Clomipramine or other tricyclic antidepressants should not be given Clomipramine. You should always let the veterinarian know if your dog is taking any other medications. The veterinarian should also be informed whether any environmental changes is happening around the dog. Take special caution when using it in dogs with a history of epilepsy, seizures, heart rhythm issues, thyroid or glaucoma. Clomipramine should not be used in dogs less than 6 months and is also not suitable for male breeding dogs. Clomipramine also the tendency to interact with other medications like cimetidine and antithyroid medication. When Clomipramine is given with other drugs including antidepressant,pain relievers and sedatives it may increase the effect of those drugs and can cause damage to the body.

SIDE EFFECTS: Clomipramine may cause some side effects like

  1. It may cause drowsiness, dizziness and depression.
  2. Clomipramine may cause eye problems like eye pain and vision changes.
  3. There may be severe allergic reactions like itching, tightness in the chest and swelling of the mouth,face or lip.
  4. It may cause frequent or difficulty in urination.
  5. Increased heart rate and increased thirst are the most common side effects of Clomipramine.
  6. It may also cause stiffness of arms and legs, unusual bleeding and and yellow eyes.

If your dog is suffering from any of the side effects you should stop the medication immediately and consult a veterinarian.

STORAGE: Clomipramine can be stored at room temperature between 68 and 77 degrees F. It should always be kept in a tightly sealed container. It should be kept away from heat, moisture and light. You should make sure that it is kept away in a safe place from your children because children are very sensitive to the seizure-inducing and heart effects of Clomipramine.